Sophie Te’blanche 2020


Sophie te’Blanche is fresh, crisp, balanced, accessible, playful and delicious! Vibrant pure fruit of cut green apples, zesty limes, gooseberries and tropical notes with white flowers and subtle mineral undertones.

Technical Details

ALCOHOL 13.39%
PH 3.25

Sophie's Story

At Iona, we have 12 different Sauvignon Blanc vineyard blocks each with their own unique aspects, soil types, row directions and clones. The blocks are picked over a period of 2 weeks from mid March to early April with the juice safely in their own tanks a few hours after picking.

Free run juice and pressed juice are handled separately and only the best components are used in the Iona Sauvignon Blanc. The remaining wine, still of good quality, with a lovely fruity profile, we bottle as Sophie Te’blanche.


Sophie te’Blanche – a nickname given by those including our workers, who can’t pronounce Sauvignon Blanc – is the inspiration behind this loved wine, produced from grapes grown by dedicated farmers in Elgin and the Cape South Coast. Unifying three of the Cape’s most noteworthy coastal regions, our winemaker has selected each vineyard for its unique flavors, textures and aromas.


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